Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Will Certain Endorsements Matter?

Can Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey overcome not being able to raise money for nearly six months?:

It isn't terribly surprising that Ron Ramsey would get a lot of tea party endorsements, he has been angling for them since he announced that he was running for Governor. Trying to get tea party endorsements is a very good political move in a year like this one, but the one thing that may have hurt Ramsey is the sheer length of the legislative session, which moved well into June. While the General Assembly was in session, Ramsey, like other members of the General Assembly, was not in a position to raise money for his campaign for Governor at all from January 12th until May 13th, and couldn't take money from political action committees until the Legislature adjourned. All the while, Ramsey's opponents could all raise money with reckless abandon. Is the law fair? No, but it is the reality that has put Ron Ramsey at a severe disadvantage in the campaign for Governor of Tennessee.

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At Wednesday, July 14, 2010 1:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Ramsey being such a good role model ....hahahah what a joke...someone needs to ask him about his "hobbs" auction scandal and the underhanded dealings he has with the clerk and master of chancery court.....He netted 300,000 dollars for the botched up mess he made there and is still has 6 buyers without clear deeds almost a year later...September 19, 2009 til now.....


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