Friday, February 26, 2010

TN Democrat Code: Partisan=Republican

Now that the tables have turned on Democrats in the Tennessee General Assembly, Republicans who actually behave like they are in the majority are being "partisan:"

The very reality that the Democrats are crying "partisanship" and expressing fear that they might be hurt in their re-election campaigns is a sign that their days of parity in the Tennessee House of Representatives may soon be coming to an end. At least for the House Democratic Leadership, "partisan" is another word for "Republican," and God forbid the Republicans begin to assert themselves and move to establish a clearer control over the House of Representatives. All the years that Democrats were in control and quashed Republican legislation (unless the Republicans in question went along with Ned McWherter and Jimmy Naifeh) it was apparently a bipartisan kumbuya, but now that the tables have turned, the Republican Leadership is guilty of partisanship.

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