Friday, February 19, 2010

Fairness In Funding?

Does the University of Tennessee have fairness in its allocation of funds to promote special interests?:

The issue with the university propping up a group like this is twofold: If the group is student-led, they unquestionably have the right to exist and to promote their ideas and agenda among the student body and faculty, just as any other student-led group has the constitutional right to do. However, are other student-led groups being given equal treatment and similar amounts of money and office space? The College Republicans, College Democrats, Baptist Student Union, Catholic Student Association (at some universities also called the Newman Club, Newman Society, or Oxford Club or Society), Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Hallel Society (for Jewish students), Muslim Student Association, Right-to-Life, even student sporting clubs, deserve the same treatment that this group is getting, since all are student-led political organizations or special interest groups.

If this gay and lesbian group is entirely founded by an instrument of the university, such as the President's office, other special groups, such as Christians, Jews, Muslims, conservatives, liberals, Hispanics, Asians, , deserve similar attention from the university. Why are only blacks, women, and gays given that kind of special treatment with tuition and tax money?

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