Monday, February 15, 2010

Faulk Speaks

State Senator Mike Faulk tells his side of the story on his controversial abstention in the Judiciary Committee on Senator Mae Beavers' Copeland Cap amendment proposal:

"If this amendment passes, 12 Senators could conceivably hold up the passage of a State budget for partisan reasons while the other 120 members of the General Assembly favor the budget," Faulk told The Examiner over the weekend, "I'm not prepared to openly support an approach that could allow that to happen." Faulk said he believes his position on the Beavers amendment is being misinterpreted by his some of his fellow conservatives. "I am not opposed to a super-majority being needed to pass the budget when it is clear that spending is going to exceed economic growth, but the idea of any budget being held up by 12 people just doesn't work."

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