Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's Not Love, But It's Not Bad...

Phil Bredesen's tenure as Governor:

Even so, we should all give thanks. Yes, frequently in this space I am critical of the Governor, and I often wish that members of his administration would make wiser taxation and spending choices (see Farr, Reagan and the cigarette border tax fiasco), and I think the attitude of this administration toward the liberties of the people is nothing short of a complete disgrace. I also have to wonder, however, how much of these problems are really Bredesen's doing, and how much of the blame lies with the people around him. Unlike his two most recent predecessors (Democrat Ned McWherter and Republican Don Sundquist), Bredesen has never seriously threatened to impose an income tax and has accepted that it is not politically acceptable in Tennessee. Phil Bredesen will likely leave office with Tennessee's finances in better shape than many other States where the choices they will make in the months and years ahead are far more drastic than anything Tennesseans will probably have to deal with.

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