Thursday, August 20, 2009

Examining the Legislature

Occassionally, I have some exciting news about a new assignment or a new topic I will be covering. In this case, the news is that I will continue to cover something I've been writing about for quite awhile, but at a new and potentially larger venue.

Perhaps you've heard of the website, and if you have you know that Examiner has local sub-sites geared toward community content. Each major metropolitan area has it's own Examiner, and I have joined the team at The Knoxville Examiner. So what, you ask, will I be examining?

My new role places me as the chief commentator for all things related to the State Capitol, as the Tennessee "Statehouse Examiner." A few articles are already posted, those who view my Examiner page will note this. With the General Assembly adjorned until January, many of the postings you will find now are some rehashes of the session that ended this past June. Don't let that discourage you from visiting my Examiner page and commenting. If you liked my work here, I hope you'll love it there. We will have continuing coverage of Special Election developments in both the Senate and the House.

When the Legislature resumes in January, there will be a lot of content which I will make exclusive to The Examiner, and some will be posted in both paces, though at different times. This blog will continue, however. I would encourage readers who enjoy my Capitol writing here to check out the Examiner in the months ahead.

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At Monday, August 24, 2009 12:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How about you start your examining by giving us a run down on Frank Niceley's philandering.

You have been quick to "examine" Sen. Paul Stanley's and Sen. Mike Faulk's marital infidelities...why not let us know what you think about Jeff County's Representative and his wanderlust?

Or, maybe since you have a direct line to Frank's can let us know how she feels about her father's cheating on her mother...and what she thinks of her illigitimate half brother...

And, please...don't insulte us, your loyal readers by trying to divert to talking about an intermodal issue when Frank's real problem is an intercourse issue...



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