Monday, August 17, 2009

Bishop In Florida Hospital

Knoxville Bishop Richard F. Stika has apparently suffered a mild heart attack that the Diocese of Knoxville says is diabetic-related:

As we now understand it, Bishop Stika traveled to Florida to visit a sick friend and became ill with severe flu-like symptoms, which precipitated a diabetic crisis. Although the Bishop suffered a mild heart attack related to the diabetic crisis, his heart was thoroughly examined and found to be in great

He had a very good night and is stable and responding well to his treatment. He is looking forward to returning home to Knoxville.

I pray that the Bishop returns to health for so many reasons. His episcopate has just begun and already shows unbelievable potential for growing the Catholic faith in East Tennessee. Having met Bishop Stika and had the pleasure three times now of hearing him say Mass (including at his ordination), I can say that the only thing that has ever bothered me about the Bishop is that he is so outgoing and has such a fine spirit about him that I fear he won't be with us for a terribly long time-he may be called to some other place of ministry.

One thing we do know about the Bishop's daily habits is that his job requires him to do a lot of travelling. That being the case, he probably doesn't have much time for a home-cooked meal, and I am sure that all of that fast food and stress coupled together will take a toll on anyone's health.

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At Monday, August 17, 2009 10:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our best wishes and prayers to the Bishop. Even though I may voice my disagreements with Dave on political matters, I always share his concerns when the well being of others is involved.


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