Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Debate and A Close Election

Of the three presidential debates, last night's was by far the best performance by John McCain. McCain had Barack Obama on the ropes, and on at least three occasions that I counted, Obama flatly made untruthful statements. Senator McCain finally pressed Obama on his relationship with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, and all Obama could say is "that's not true." Of course it is true and Obama lied again-note that he didn't press the issue or try to defend himself. This is because as more becomes known about the scale of Obama's associations with the radical Ayers, the worse Obama begins to look to the American people. Obviously, the Obama camp wants to keep this kind of talk to a minimum, and Obama didn't even try to defend himself.

How close will this election be? If one believes certain media outlets, the Democrats are gearing up for a landslide. However, parties that anticipate vast victories to not fight court orders to do more to halt voter fraud, as Ohio's rabidly partisan, Obama-supporting Secretary of State is now trying to do. Political formations which are confident of victory do not engage in tactics designed to inflate vote totals and register false voters as the real thing. Parties which fear that they may not be able to win legitimately, however, are known to engage in those kinds of tactics in every banana republic and Third World despotism known to humanity. Since the party opposite aims to turn this country into something resembling a banana republic, their agents are getting a head start on the creative electoral tactics used in socialist hotbeds.

The election will be close enough that the Democratic Party and its agents and assigns think it prudent to engage in fraud, sham registration drives, and even Republican vote supression in order to win on November 4th. Parties which anticipate victory do not behave in this way, but those who know that they may face defeat and are willing to cheat in order to avert losing.

If you think this will not be a close election, just look at how the two sides are behaving. We are in for some surprises over the next three weeks.

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At Thursday, October 16, 2008 1:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're crying. The election hasn't even happened yet and you're coming out with all types of crazy reasons why you're going to lose. It's as if you can convince yourself to believe it now, it'll be easier to beleive later. It's the same old consevervative pardigm in play when faced with defeat:
Don't admit that 8 years of conservative leadership has failed.
Deny that McCain was a lousy candidate. Deny that his campaign dived head first into slime, smear and fear. Deny that the American people saw thru it and reject it and him.
Blame ACORN, blame the "librul meada, pawrse Gaw'd!" blame anything, and anyone but those that actually caused this; McCain, his campaign, conservative leadership and so on.
Keep drinking that cool-aid. Eventually, you'll have to p*ss it out and face reality.



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