Thursday, October 09, 2008

Democrats Oppose Free and Fair Elections

Those who follow political news with regularity will recall that back in 2000, Democrats were quick to accuse Republicans of "stealing the election" for insisting that the law be upheld. We were told that we were trying to suppress the vote. Vote suppression, of course, is a terrible crime against humanity when Republicans are accused-falsely, I might add-of engaging in it. However, suppression of votes deemed to be friendly to the Republican Party by Democrats is not only allowable, it is encouraged in their world.

Now we learn the extent to which the Obama campaign is willing to commit fraud in Indiana through their allies at ACORN. Similar incidents of vote-padding, fraud, and even voter intimidation are being reported in Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Mexico, Missouri, and Ohio. What is most interesting is that at least two of the States above-mentioned are safe Democratic States anyway-or should be-so why would ACORN feel the need to pad the vote in Wisconsin and Connecticut on behalf of Barack Obama's campaign?

There are still plenty of polls that show this race within the margin of error, and that means the election is not over by a long shot. Democrats and liberals are so desperate to win that they will resort to any means possible, including undermining the very process that they disingenuously claim to hold sacrosanct. The electoral process means nothing to these people unless they win the election. When they lose, they blame everyone and everything except for the parties responsible for their defeat.

Losing in a free, fair, and constitutionally sound election to Barack Obama may not be something that I would enjoy. Certainly, many of us would spend the subsequent four years in opposition to the administration-but we would embrace the result as reality and as the will of the American people within their respective sovereign States. If it is later discovered that Mr. Obama captured the election through the fraudulent hands of ACORN and his other liberal allies attempting to illegally and unconstitutionally inflate voter rolls and suppress Republican voters, conservatives will never recognize the legitimacy of the Obama Administration. If liberals feel they've been wronged in an election, they spend the next four years whining like children an organizing hippie/peacenik love-ins that they label protests. If conservatives feel they've been wronged, they vote in every election in numbers, not merely in presidential years, and will have their vengeance-and many conservatives do not need to organize protests, as it is well-known that many of us are armed with a metallic form of vote protection insurance guaranteed in the Second Amendment. This is one of the reasons that our Leftist friends would love to disarm the American people.

Liberals move quickly to scream with great drama when they are angry. Conservatives move very slowly, almost like a tortoise, but when the stone begins to gather force it moves with the strength and purpose of a great and mighty avalanche that crushes all opposition that stands in its path. If we lose the election fairly, we lose it. If conservatives lose due to fraud, our friends in the party opposite had better look out, because conservatives will collectively insure that they never live it down.

(Hat Tip: Rob Huddleston)

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At Thursday, October 09, 2008 3:04:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We haven't had the election yet and alredy you're crying "voter fraud". How long will it be before you start whining "He's not my president!" You've already been crying about "media bias" for awhile so that's become passe. Com'on David, your problem isn't "voter fraud" -- Your problem is John McCain. And I've said it before and I'll say it again "he's all you got."
Live with it.


At Friday, October 10, 2008 12:34:00 AM, Blogger Rob Huddleston said...

Dave -

Incredibly, I saw a not-as-biased-as-I-expected piece on CNN about ACORN where they even acknowledged Obama's connections to the group.

Of course, an educated electorate that understood that Obama is orchestrating the addition of dead people, felons, and business names ("Jimmy John" and "Sears Roebuck") to the voter rolls would help.



At Saturday, October 11, 2008 9:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, Rob,
You need to differentiate between "registration fraud" and "voter fraud." They are not the same thing.
ACORN hires people to register people to vote. The hirees are paid for how many they register: the person who registers 30 gets paid more than the person that registers 20. OK? So ...
So, if you're lazy, stupid and unethical you register people twice, make up names and so on. This is a crime and since ACORN is paying people they have an interest in seeing that these people got busted for their fraud. Most cases of this that have been reported have been reported by ACORN themselves.
Additionally, does anyone really expect "Jimmy John" and/or "Sears Roebuck" to show up on election day to vote? Hardly.
In the case of those people that get registered more than once they will only vote once. Voting more than once is a serious crime that most people won't risk, especially for $10, a free lunch and six-pack.
There's simply no practical advantage to registration fraud. The payoff is too small and the risks too great.
What you are doing (and probably don't even know it, mwhich makes it really scarey) is setting up a false scenerio that you can shift the blame for McCain's losing the election: "McCain wasn't a lousey candidate - it was those ACORN people what stole it from him, pra'se Gawd!"
It's really sad. Funny, but sad at the same time.



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