Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton Die-Hards Could Make Life Hell for Obama Camp

No small number of people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries have made it a point to let pollsters know that they would have no problem voting for John McCain. Now, some of Hillary's more vocal supporters want to make a show of themselves when the Democrats convene in Denver:

Still sore from an epic primary battle, some of Hillary Rodham Clinton's supporters aren't buying the unity theme planned for the Democratic National Convention.

Some accuse Obama of manipulating party caucuses for extra delegates while others complain that Clinton was the victim of sexist party leaders or was mistreated by the media.

To be fair, some of these groups are spin-offs of militant feminist organizations who think Hillary Clinton is entitled to the nomination because she is a woman, and they are daily proving that they are just as crazy as many conservatives have said for years. These political collectives believe it is their "time," and thus their chosen candidate should not be allowed to be denied.

Still others are sore at how the nomination process turned out and are not crazy, but simply feel that they and their candidate were mistreated and even robbed.

If these people are loud enough and demonstrate with plenty of vigor, it will cause the GOP vote to swell-it will also raise questions in the minds of undecided voters about Barack Obama's fitness for the presidency.

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