Friday, August 08, 2008

The Best Result of Last Night-18th House District

Winner Candidate Incumbent Votes Vote %
X Stacey Campfield X 2493 54%

Ronald Leadbetter
2002 43%

Jonathan Katsiros
162 3%

As with two years ago, this result made my night last night. For all of the nasty things that happened to conservatives in the 4th House District and the 8th Senate District and (to a lesser degree) the First Congressional District, I always feel redeemed if Stacey wins.

Yes, Stacey is a dear friend, but that is not the primary reason I support him. Rarely have I dealt with anyone in government as open, direct, and honest as Stacey Campfield. What Stacey Campfield believes is what he will tell you to your face, it is how he will vote, and it is how he lives. I hope and pray he remains in the House for many years to come.

Nicole and I want Stacey to know how much we love and appreciate him.

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