Friday, July 25, 2008

McCain Can Make It Or Break It

This could potentially be very big news for the John McCain campaign and for the country at-large:

Sen. John McCain is weighing whether to announce his running mate in the
coming weeks before the spotlight shifts to China and the opening of the Olympic
Games next month.

"He's in a position to make [the decision] on short notice
if he wanted to," said Charles R. Black Jr., one of McCain's top political

Aides to the most likely candidates to join McCain on the ticket,
meanwhile, offered terse "no comment" replies when asked whether they have been
asked to provide documents that the campaign can use to vet backgrounds.

The choice of a running mate could make or break John McCain's campaign, especially since conservatives are simply not excited about McCain. We can collectively get excited about his running mate because that person could conceivably become President of the United States.
If John McCain picks the right person, it could mobilize conservatives to work in a strong and effective manner to insure McCain's election-and we know from experience that motivating conservatives will win national elections.

What happens if John McCain chooses the wrong person? It could mean that conservatives stay home in droves on Election Day, and could have a negative impact on downticket races where conservatives are running. The lower the voter turnout in conservative areas, the more likely it is that the next Congress could get a veto-proof majority. The possibility of an Electoral College tie still looms large, and if Barack Obama's vote totals are inflated by big city machines while conservative turnout is depressed, John McCain could be in an untenable position when the time comes to negotiate the winner in the House.

We may learn in a few days just how serious John McCain is about becoming President of the United States.

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At Friday, July 25, 2008 5:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally, I doubt that McCain will announce his VP pick anytime soon. It's his one remaining big card and he doesn't want to waste it. Like I've said earlier any one of his choices is going to come with pluses and minuses. To the extant that the discussion will about the pick it will not be what strength's the pick brings but what weaknesses they bring.
Obama's trip is almost over and nothing NcCain has done has managed to grab the headlines for more than an hour (figuratively speaking). He could blow his wad now but Obama's return to the US would blow itr away, with the Olympics and Conventions coming McCain will save it for when it will pack the most punch.
Finally, it really makes no difference who McCain picks - people vote for President not Vice-President. A candidate that needs people to vote for him because of a second fiddle choice is a losing candidate.
McCain's running for President and unfortunatly for conservatives and GOP he's all you got. Good Luck with that.



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