Friday, March 28, 2008

The keys to the State Senate

What we've known for months on end about Mike Faulk will be made official tonight:

Mike Faulk will make formal his bid to become the State Senator from
Tennessee’s 4th District at the Hawkins County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner [tonight]
in Rogersville.

Mike was gracious and kind enough to extend an offer of tickets to Nicole and myself to this evening's event. I had to decline that offer because of a scheduling conflict (and I didn't know this morning, but there would turn out to be more than one). Nonetheless, I was and am quite disappointed about not being there, because I have been one of many who have encouraged Mike to run over the last year. I have also known this was coming for many months now, and have eagerly awaited the chance to roll up my sleeves on Mike's behalf.

There are a lot of skeptics out there who think that this race exists solely because Senator Mike Williams left the Republican Party. While it is no secret that I prefer Republican representation in the seats of power at all times, there is another real reason why I support Mike Faulk-the man has roots.

It is easy to go up to Nashville and get lost in the shuffle. The Plaza is an enticing place, with its own culture of insiders, a lot of vittles and adult beverages, and a hundred different ways to forget where you come from. It seems that our present Senator spends a lot of time in Nashville and very little here at home, in spite of the fact that the Senate is only in session for half the year at best, and conducting business four days a week when it is. It makes one wonder if Mike Williams has found himself a lady or two and a really steady watering hole near the Hill (I know of several right off hand). Yes, Nashville is fun and enjoyable, and I've met many legislators who enjoy their jobs and their time in Nashville-and they should-but we don't send Senators and Representatives up there to carouse, we send them there to take care of our public business.

Nashville is the kind of town that can make you forget who sent you there in the first place, and Mike Williams has long forgotten who stamped his ticket to the Music City.

I don't support Mike Faulk because he is a good Republican, I support Mike Faulk because he is a good East Tennessean. I do not endorse Mike Faulk because we see eye to eye on every issue-we agree on what matters most, and that is liberty. We will have a Senator whose feet are planted on the ground-who will not wear NASCAR jackets and jeans on the Senate floor, but who is not ashamed to show up in bib overalls or admit that tobacco helped put him through college. I support Mike Faulk because I know that when I call Senator Faulk's office, I will be treated like a constituent who has value and whose vote and support matters.

It is a long road to November, but for my own part, I will do what I can to make sure that on the night of November 4th we will be celebrating the return of the 4th Senate District to the Republican fold, and our seat given to a man for whom it actually means something.

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