Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary's experience problem

Hillary Clinton has spent much of her campaign telling the American people just how "experienced" she is, and that this somehow suits her for the presidency. We learn today the depths to which she will go to exaggerate her own experience and abilities in order to make people believe that she is more suited for the job than she is:

Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign said she "misspoke" when saying last week she had landed under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia as first lady in March 1996. She later characterized the episode as a "misstatement" and a "minor blip."

According to an Associated Press story at the time, Clinton was placed under no extraordinary risks on the trip. And one of her companions, comedian Sinbad, told The Washington Post he has no recollection either of the threat or reality of gunfire.

Those of us who have followed the careers of both Clintons have known and understood for years that these people are nothing but a foul pair of rogues who are dressed up to look like public servants. Like Lucifer himself, the Clintons can transform themselves into angels of light in public while making a wreck of the public purse and the public trust in private. Another Satan-like trait of both Hillary and Bill is the ability to make their misdeeds appear harmless and convince others to support them. "I didn't really commit perjury and lie to a federal prosecutor because it was sex I was lying about." It always reminded me of "you shall not surely die, God knows if you eat of the tree you will be like Him. God doesn't really care if you eat from the tree, does he?"

It ought to come as no surprise whatsoever that people with such a low regard for the moral law would lie about their record, especially in Hillary's case-she has always been intent on riding her husband's political career first to the Senate, then to the White House, as opposed to getting there on her own.

This latest episode of Hillary exaggerating her Bosnia experience also goes to prove the reality that Sharon Cobb spoke of some days ago. Being First Lady in no way qualifies anyone for the presidency-period. There is a serious faction of people who are supporting Hillary Clinton for no other reason than because she is a woman, not because she is qualified or because she has some mystical experience gained from watching others do the work. There are women out there who are quite capable of being president, and in terms of experience there are women who have been in elected office longer than Hillary. There are women governors that we know have more executive experience than Hillary (who has little if any), and women Senators like Kay Bailey Hutchison who have been there longer than Hillary. These are women who have earned their experience and could claim it legitimately in running for president. Hillary has actually earned very little of what she has achieved politically, even her name recognition comes from the fact that she is her husband's wife and her husband was President of the United States.

If I had said any of this eight years ago, I would have been called all kinds of nasty names, but because Democrats are now saying these things (and rightly so), it is okay for me to admit that these sayings are true-oh, I forgot, I'm a conservative.

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