Friday, February 29, 2008

The spineless, the crooks, and the Godfather


The national Republican Party has begun to reflect the spineless nature evident in the recent political career of its nominee. The Knox County (TN) audit is out, and Mayor Mike Ragsdale can't spin the truth. A tribute to William F. Buckley, Jr.

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At Friday, February 29, 2008 8:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the problem with this country...individualism is gone, even in wrongdoings. What has occurred has nothing to do with Republicans, same as what happened with the Democrats in the fake company payoffs aren't a reflection of a group; rather, it is a reflection of personal decisions. If you want to break down which party has done the most wrong, do so, you might be surprised. They both have deviant behaviors! You can't blame wrongdoings on a person's political affiliation. Sin is personal. We each choose between right and wrong, in accordance to our personal beliefs. Get over your hatred of Republicans, and you might learn a thing or two. Hatred only bogs the mind down and clogs the heart. The Republicans have not done anything that the Democrats haven't done, and vice versa. Sin is sin and we all are capable of it. What sin? Theft is one of the Ten Commandments. So is Adultry, and false witnessing, and so forth. Both parties are guilty of sinning; as are we all. If we were sinless we'd be labeled a saint. Get over your false prejudices. In my opinion both parties are useless. Corruption and money is the main motivator. Now I, as a citizen, say all government is corrupt and useless for the progression of America. The parties are stagnant and old news, having had their turn to do damages, that will take years and years to straighten out. Both parties are bought by self- interest groups, while the rest of us are ignored. I believe so much in the generations coming behind us, because they are intelligent, have seen alot, and will stand for change. Needed changes that will make this nation a great one, once again. A nation, without influence of a "political party." I put alot of faith in them to right the many wrongs.


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