Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not a snowball's chance

One thing I have often wondered about many of the so-called Republicans who support Rudy Giuliani is by what basis these people actually believe this man ever had a snowball's chance in Hell of being nominated. Like lemmings marching to the news media beat, the Rudy crew kept quoting national polls showing him in the lead among the Republican contenders in a generic national primary ballot.

Say it with me boys and girls...

"National polls don't mean diddly in Primary season. Primaries and caucuses are statewide races."

I could have told any of the Rudy people this reality (and in fact I have on several occasions in the preceding months), but few of them would likely listen. Giuliani's campaign was based on the faux-image that Rudy built for himself: "Look what I did on 9/11. It makes me ready to deal with terrorism. I'm America's Mayor." Rudy was New York's mayor, not America's-and whether he was a great mayor in that city is still a matter of debate among New Yorkers themselves. New York is a great city and a nice place to visit, but Rudy makes the same mistake that many New Yorkers do in believing that what happens there actually matters to Americans outside of it. September 11th mattered because American soil was attacked, and that would have mattered to all Americans whether the attack occurred in New York or in Wahoo, Nebraska.

Whether a person is liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, the daily life of Americans in Fort Dodge, Iowa, or Warner Robbins, Georgia, or Erie, Pennsylvania, or Topeka, Kansas, or Carson City, Nevada, or White Pine, Tennessee is far removed from the daily life and affairs of Gotham. It seems more than a bit pretentious of Giuliani to come along and proclaim himself "America's Mayor" when most Americans neither know nor care how he ran the City of New York. In Republican circles, Giuliani is pro-choice and is very liberal on social issues, but those things aren't the worst of his crimes in the mind of the GOP grassroots-his 1994 endorsement of liberal Democrat Mario Cuomo for re-election as Governor of New York speaks volumes about where Rudy's real loyalties lie.

Did his supporters really believe that conservatives in America's heartland would buy in to Rudy's false Republican front?



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