Thursday, January 24, 2008

The abortion double standard

In this week when we remember with no small amount of sadness one of the most constitutionally and personally destructive decisions in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Tennessee General Assembly has an opportunity to reassert its sovereign right to regulate the practice of abortion in this State. That check and balance was significantly curtailed by the decision of the Tennessee Supreme Court in Planned Parenthood v. Sundquist (2000), when the then-more liberal Court ruled that Tennessee's Constitution allowed for a "broader right" to abortion than existed in the federal Constitution. As is typical of more liberal judicial bodies, there was no precedent for the Court's ruling, it was merely created out of thin air.

The Tennessee General Assembly now has the opportunity to take back some of its constitutional authority by passing SJR-127, a proposed Amendment to the Tennessee Constitution that simply spells out in very clear detail that nothing in the Constitution shall be construed to presume a "right" to aborticide in this State. As we pointed out at the beginning of the legislative session, most Democrats in the Legislature don't want to touch this issue with a ten foot poll. Many of them campaigned as pro-lifers but their Caucus takes money from the other side. Other Democrats don't like to admit to their constituents that they are not pro-life, as it just might get them beaten in an election. One safe liberal Democrat in a safe district is State Senator Joe Haynes, who opposes the proposal and has called those who support it "extremists."

It is always interesting to hear those on the pro-abort side call those who are pro-life extremists, as if they are not guilty of extremism. In the case of Haynes, he has voted against parental consent laws that would require a minor child to receive parental consent before obtaining an abortion. Haynes also voted against a ban on partial-birth aborticide/infanticide. Somehow those positions qualify Senator Haynes as perfectly sane, but those who want to regulate abortion, even that of the partial-birth variety, are extremists.

Some in the General Assembly want to pass a measure that merely gives them the authority over abortion (it does not outlaw it) and they are extremists, but voting against a parental consent measure is not extreme. This is the double-standard of the pro-abortion movement. Those who want to protect and defend life are crazy, but those who wish to sanction the legal taking of life are statesmen.



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