Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Roll, roll, roll your bill

My beloved Representative Frank Niceley's crusade against mandatory participation in the USDA's Animal Identification Program seems to have taken yet another blow today before the House Agriculture Committee. Frank's bill has been rolled for yet another week, this time supposedly because some farmers were coming to testify about the bill and were supposedly coming to today's session.

These folks were told (I do not know by whom) that the bill would not be discussed today-how convenient. They were not present and hence Chairman Stratton Bone asked for the legislation to be delayed yet another week.

I am all for interested parties being able to testify before Committees of the House about legislation that pertains directly to them-in fact, I think it is a necessity. However, considering the crap that Frank has gone through just to get this legislation a hearing, I can't help but wonder if this is a delaying tactic so that the bill will be "rolled" right on into Summer Study Committee and out of existence in this session. This is all the more ironic considering Rep. Johnny Shaw's remarks in the same committee session about bills being rolled ad in fin item until the end of the session when the Committee's workload then becomes too great (he is right, by the way).

Anyone want to take bets on whether the supposed interested parties will show next Tuesday? If they do not, how long shall they roll the bill for this time?



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