Monday, April 16, 2007

A cigar with Fred

I was reading The Weekly Standard's latest piece on Fred Thompson and discovered this interesting little tidbit:

Thompson's work space looks just like what the home office of a successful politician or CEO should look like--though a little messier: a large desk, dark wood, leather furniture, lots of books and magazines and newspapers, a flat-screen TV, and box upon box of cigars--Montecristos from Havana. The presence of the cigars and the absence of a press chaperone were clues that Thompson is taking a different approach to his potential candidacy. A campaign flack would have insisted on hiding the cigars--Senator, how did you get those Cuban cigars? Isn't there a trade embargo?

Now here is a reason to love Fred Thompson. This man isn't just folksy and charming, he obviously has good taste. I have only had a real Montecristo once in my life, and it was by far the most heavenly cigar I have ever indulged in. Now I really want to meet Fred just so that I might sit and have a cigar with him. Hey, I can fantasize, can't I?

(Hat Tip: Adam Groves)

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At Monday, April 16, 2007 6:10:00 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Now there's a man with intestinal fortitude. Not hiding his cigars for the media, and the fact that he enjoys one on occasion.

At Wednesday, September 16, 2009 4:00:00 PM, Anonymous Godfrey said...

i would have also voted for Fred but can we do if he has lost. i think he is a man of courage. he would have listen to the poor people. i would also like to have a cuban cigar with him.


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