Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting real on Iraq

The President finally admitted the obvious yesterday, telling a reporter from the Washington Post that the U.S. was not winning in Iraq-something the rest of us were aware of months ago. I am of the belief that we are past the point where outright military victory is no longer an option, largely because the previous Defense Secretary refused to assent to an increase in troop levels when they were needed, and now the situation may, I fear, be beyond repair.

The President said that he wants to increase the number of troops and the troop levels in the Army and Marines, and that he is going to try and get the Congress to increase military spending. Good luck with that, Mr. President. If victory was your goal you should have taken action to do this three years ago when the war began, and when you had a friendly Congress ready and willing to accomodate Pentagon demands. As it stands now, Congress will be reluctant to spend on the military even if the money is needed, and the people are tired of a war that was grossly mismanaged and badly timed, and that is saying it mildly, Mr. President.

I was against going to war in Iraq from the very beginning, but once the war began, I was willing for us to do whatever it takes to achieve victory. Our troops in the field did not deserve defeat. The problem is that the administration that started this war has thus far been unwilling to fight it properly, and the President's latest words and moves may be too little, too late.



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