Monday, November 20, 2006

The Juice is probably guilty

I remember back when the O.J. Simpson trial was going on, sentiment as to O.J.'s guilt or innocence was sharply divided along racial lines. Polls overwhelmingly showed what I witnessed firsthand: Whites overwhelmingly believed Simpson was guilty (the numbers were even higher among white women), while African-Americans believed that O.J. was innocent in equally large numbers. Fortunately for me. I was undecided at the time, so when a person of a different race asked me what I thought of whether Simpson was innocent or guilty, I could honestly say that I was unsure, thus avoiding unwanted and unintended racial tensions.

Nowadays, I've changed my tune and I am not afraid to say it: I think O.J. Simpson is guilty as sin, and it is a shame that he cannot be tried again (Granted, I believe in the Constitutional guarantee against double jeopardy). Simpson is now acting in the same way that guilty people act, publishing a book called If I Did It. Simpson's publisher at HarperCollins, Judith Regan, said she considers the book to be "O.J.s confession." This has to make a person wonder if Simpson has lost his marbles, because if I am in my right mind I wouldn't be writing and publishing a book that might single me out as guilty.

There may be another explanation for Simpson's behavior-if he did kill his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, he may finally be doing what guilty people often do: He may be having an attack of conscience and be ready to spill the beans because he can't hold it in any longer. By and large, I think the racial divisions surrounding this case are no longer so sharp-now people just want the truth.

Attempting to profit off of the crime he may have committed simply proves that if nothing else, O.J. Simpson is certainly a sociopath.



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