Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!

Like Bill Hobbs and other Tennesseans, I fully support Rep. Marsha Blackburn's campaign to assume the Chair of the House Republican Conference. Few folks who are in-the-know about Tennessee politics can doubt Blackburn's commitment to conservative ideals or her effectiveness as a leader. I haven't had the pleasure of personally meeting Blackburn, but I am told by those who have that she is so effective because of a genuine likability and a homespun charm that often translates into those around her doing whatever she might ask of them-talk about a powerful woman!

Marsha Blackburn's decision to run for House Caucus Chairman does raise an interesting question: Will Marsha run for Governor in 2010, as previously believed? A lot of us, myself included, have been hoping that she would, but I am concerned that she might be taking a different path. If history can be used as an indicator, then Marsha Blackburn may intend to remain in the House and move up the chain of House leadership positions, and perhaps eventually run for the United States Senate. Those who seek leadership posts in Congress usually intend to remain in Congress for some time, so if Marsha Blackburn decides to come home and try to set up residence in the Governor's Mansion she will certainly be bucking a trend. That is far from impossible, of course-but it does raise the eyebrow a little bit.



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