Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mike Ragsdale makes me laugh

I think Gene Patterson got it right about the Harber investigation a few days back when he stated the obvious:

Van DeVate points out that the resolution calls for a probe of the activities of Tyler Harber, not County Mayor Mike Ragsdale. Of course, anyone following this story knows that Harber is tied to Ragsdale and any investigation of Harber would include ( I would assume) a review of Ragsdale’s role (if any) in Harber’s activities.

Just who do the Mayor's office in Knox County think they are kidding here? You can't investigate Tyler Harber without investigating Mike Ragsdale, since Harber is tied to Ragsdale whether the Ragsdale people want to admit that or not. Mike Ragsdale and his allies know that he is in hot water and they are merely trying to deflect attention from the reality of the situation.

If Ragsdale hasn't done anything wrong (as he, Arms, and Van de Vate all claim) then what does he have to gain by playing this game with the press-of which we can safely say at this point that bloggers are a part-that he is not under investigation?

That line would be a real clincher on the old game show Make Me Laugh.

Since Mike Ragsdale won't state the obvious, I will do it for him. If Tyler Harber were the only person being investigated, this would be a non-story. It is a story because Mike Ragsdale, the Mayor of Knox County, is alleged to have used Mr. Harber to do his bidding and find out information about his political foes, many of which were and are fellow Republicans. Much of that information is alleged to have been obtained in illegal fashion via e-mail and computer hacking, and in one case the violation of a person's medical confidentiality. At the very least Mike Ragsdale is accused of turning a blind eye to this disgraceful activity, and at most he stands accused of complicity in it.

Yes, Mr. Mayor, you are under investigation.

(Hat tip: Terry Frank)



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