Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Harber investigation delayed

Knox County Commissioner Greg "Lumpy" Lambert withdrew his request for an investigation yesterday into the Harber Affair. Lambert says that he fully intends to pursue the matter, but he has information that he wants to share with Sheriff Tim Hutchison first. Here at The World we hope that Lumpy isn't lumping out and that he really is going to see the Sheriff.

We have every reason to believe that he may be, however. Several weeks ago The World received information from a highly confidential source that Lambert may have access to "smoking gun" information about this case. If (and at this point we still stress if) that report is true, it may be the case that Lumpy is going to the Sheriff with this information. We don't know for sure, so at this point we can only speculate about what Lambert will do.

(Note: I will say that if Lumpy really is going to the Sheriff and he isn't merely reacting the threats made by Team Ragsdale, I have a hunch what he might be going to the Sheriff with. I will not mention that here, however, until Lambert actually talks to the Sheriff and/or we find out what "the deal" really is-that is between Lumpy, his constituents, and the High Sheriff of Knox County.)



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