Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crooks, thieves, and threatmakers

These are the sorts of people that certain Democrats rely on for victory. Wade Till was man enough to admit to Stacey Campfield that he stole a Campfield sign, just as Campfield had said. Yet many of you (anonymously, mind you) commented both here as well as at Campfield's blog that Campfield was lying and "dragging [Till's] name through the mud." Yet Stacey was telling the truth, which is why certain Democrats want rid of him-they don't like the truth about the Democrat establishment on the Hill being broadcast not just to Tennesseans, but the whole world.

Now these lowlifes have sunk to yet a new low. The same consulting firm that is running Schree Pettigrew's campaign have threatened blogger Terry Frank because Terry insinuated that these people may have had some of the infamous Mark Foley e-mails (since they are running the campaign of Foley's opponent, now the frontrunner in that Florida District) and they held them on purpose to spring as an "October Surprise" just as it began to look as if Republicans would retain control of Congress. These people do not deny that they had the e-mails or that an "October Surprise" was their intention.

I know the news of the threats against Terry have been all over the blogosphere for a couple of days now, and I haven't said anything out of respect for Terry-but I think it is time to speak up. Yes, Terry is a past Chairwoman of the Anderson County Republican Party, but right now the only position she holds of any importance in that of a blogger and columnist. If Terry's insinuation was/is untrue, then these folks really didn't need to say anything, because it would all blow over. The fact that Terry was threatened tells me that she may be on to something or these people wouldn't want to shut her up so badly. It all raises a number of questions:

If FRCR had graphic Foley e-mails, how long did they have them and how long did they sit on them if they did?

If they did have graphic e-mails from Congressman Foley, their failure to turn these over to the authorities in a timely manner is a crime in itself-did someone else have these e-mails and turn them over to FRCR instead of law enforcement authorities in order for political gain to result?

If Terry's insinuation is untrue, why threaten her-further, why did these folks never deny it? A post on a weblog in Anderson County, Tennessee doesn't hurt a big-money political consulting firm-unless there might be some truth to it.

Terry is a pretty good investigator-my guess is that she is on to something.



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