Sunday, July 02, 2006

Making it in the blogosphere

Well, I have officially "made it" in the Tennessee blogosphere. How do I know this? I officially have a Kleinheider nickname. I am now known in Volunteer Voter-land as "Honey Bunches of Oatney."

Since I read it every day, I am adding Volunteer Voters to the sidebar, and I recommend A.C.'s blog to others. Not because I agree with Kleinheider all the time-sometimes I agree with him and sometimes I do not-but his observations are often very sharp and he often spreads the word about what other bloggers around the State are saying and thinking.

Welcome to the continually growing sidebar, Kleinheider.


At Saturday, July 01, 2006 8:18:00 PM, Blogger Rob Huddleston said...

Dave -

I have to admit that your nickname is the best ACK has come up with thus far.




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