Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In defense of Stacey Campfield-(a.k.a. the sad case of Roger Abramson)

If there is one thing I have grown tired of in the last few weeks, it is unwarranted attacks on State Representative Stacey Campfield, or more specifically, attacks on Campfield by so-called "conservatives." One in particular that I can think of is Roger Abramson who said in the comments to a post at Volunteer Voters:

If you don't think conservatives can do better than Stacey Campfield then I think you're the one who lacks the high opinion of conservatives.

Abramson was responding to Terry Frank who commented:

Maybe if Mr. Abramson explored Campfield's bills, his efforts in the legislature, and his honesty, he might appreciate his efforts on behalf of conservative issues in the legislature--no matter Campfield's spelling errors.

Instead, I'm assuming this serves as Mr. Abramson's second anti-conservative endorsement in just a few days time.

What's really embarrassing is that the GOP is still a minority party in a conservative state like Tennessee.

Terry is right about the GOP still having minority status in an incredibly conservative State. In fairness, part of the reason is what my grandfather used to call "the bloody shirt." My anscestors were Virginians and they fought for the Confederacy. We can say what we like about so many people in East Tennessee fighting for the Union, blah, blah, blah...but a majority of white Tennesseans statewide supported the South, and that was the case in just about every Southern State. What's more, even in those States where Union support ran in the majority (Kentucky, for example) Northern treatment of the locals during Reconstruction was so bad that sympathies changed very quickly. As the Republicans were seen as the party of the Unionists, the Democrats were the only other option. I am a conservative-I was brought up to be that way by my conservative parents. My conservative grandfather was once a Democrat who voted for Strom Thurmond and George Wallace for the Presidency-he became a rock-ribbed Republican when the Democrats sold out in full, and so it was with all of us. Part of the reason for the minority we are in is still the bloody shirt all these years later in Tennessee. The other reason, however, are actions just like those of Roger Abramson.

I don't question Abramson's past conservative credentials. He was really leading the way for modern conservatism before the so-called "conservatives" of today ever came on the scene. However, so was Barry Goldwater, and as we now know, he sold out to the left faster than butter melts on a hot potato when he thought it would be politically advantageous. I fear that Mr. Abramson may be headed down the same path. He has endorsed Bob Corker, who is simply not a conservative (no reputable conservative thinks that he is) and then attempted to justify himself by giving a long, rambling explanation as to why-knowing that Corker is a phony and that he would have to justify supporting a man who is a tax-hiking abortionist. I think it is fair to ask whether Abramson is fast going the way Barry Goldwater went in his old age.

In response to a brief defense of Campfield, Abramson responded with a cheap shot:

I guess I just expect a little more fromour folks. I wasn't aware that illiteracy was something to be proud of.

While criticising Stacey for his often flagrant typos and mis-spellings, Abramson made one of his own, typing "from our" as one word.

I'll be the first to admit that I often think Stacey needs a serious spelling and grammar lesson when I read his blog, but he isn't illiterate. Davy Crockett was a notoriously bad speller, and he served the First District and Tennessee with great distinction in the federal House. I wouldn't call Crockett illiterate.

If you disagree with Stacey's politics, that might be a good reason to denounce and vote against him. If you are a conservative, however, you should be proud that Stacey Campfield has shown himself willing to take the heat to stand up for things that are right. Campfield has shown more intestinal fortitude than many so-called "conservatives" that I know. This is a man who does not merely say "I believe such-and-such." As Stacey believes, therefore he acts in the Tennessee House. While Roger Abramson expends his energies endorsing fakes and frauds like Bob Corker, knowing full-well that they are phonies, people like Stacey Campfield are actually fighting for conservative ideals where it matters most. If Mr. Abramson thinks he can do a better job and be more of a champion of conservatism than Campfield has been, why doesn't he seek a seat in the House? Oh...sorry, that's right, he's too busy writing up lengthy explanations for his support for Forker.

Stacey Campfield may be a rotten speller, but he's a real conservative, and he is a genuinely good and decent public servant. If we could have Nashville full of good and decent men like Stacey, our State would be a better place. While Roger Abramson is busy trying to justify selling conservatism short with his endorsement of Corker, the rest of us are marching on in persuit of the conservatism we still hold dear-bad spellers and all.

(Hat tip: Rob Huddleston)


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