Friday, February 17, 2006

Money for the Music City

Legislators from Davidson County have filed two bills in the legislature for the State of Tennessee to help fund the new Nashville Convention Center.

I understand that not only is Nashville our capital, but its status as the musical capital of America and one of the great cultural centers of the South make it a magnet for tourists from all over America and the world, visitors from all over Tennessee, and country music fans like me. It makes sense that Nashville should have top-flight facilities to welcome visitors not only to Nashville, but to all of Tennessee.

If you've been to Nashville, though, you know that Nashville already has many of the great attractions and facilities it needs. It has one of the most famous hotels on the planet, it has some of the greatest cultural attractions in the country, it has many fine restarants, some of which I have had the pleasure at which to dine (and not a few good steakhouses). People already come to Nashville and the convention business is already there.

If Nashville wants a new Convention Center, let Nashville find a way to pay for it. If Nashville needs a new Convention Center and wants the State to foot a large portion of the bill, why not Knoxville?

Am I the only one who sees a problem here?


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