Monday, February 06, 2006

Do as Bredesen says, not as he does

As is the case with many members of his party, we learned today that Governor Phil Bredesen thinks that the law should apply to others, but not to himself. The final version of the Bill places the same restrictions on the Governor as will exist on legislators when the General Assembly is in session. The provision takes effect immediately.

Bredesen has his own personal fortune, and hasn't had major opposition up to now, but I believe he will soon. Apparently, so does Bredesen, or he and his staff would not be throwing a ring-eyed fit, as they have done in the waning hours leading up to the final enactment of the new ethics Law. Considering that Bredesen has raised so much money ($4.4 million on hand) for his re-election that he could start a run for President off of it, just what is phil afraid of?

Maybe he is afraid that between now and November, someone will come along and expose his administration for the cesspool of corruption that it is. His very mentality belies the culture of corruption: "Apply the law to others, but not to me-do as I say, not as I do."


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