Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taft may be forced to resign

The Ohio News Network is reporting that Governor Bob Taft is under official investigation for a major ethics violation that is related to the Workers' Compensation investment scandal that we've discussed in the preceding weeks here at the World. According to the Governor's own admission, he accepted the gifts of repeated golf outings paid for by rare coin dealer Tom Noe, the same man who has been accused of mismanaging the Workers' Compensation funds of the State of Ohio within his coin investment operation. Taft admits openly to failing to report these outings, as required by Ohio's ethics reform laws.

My guess is that prosecutors would go light on Taft because he has fessed up to his failure to report. However, deliberate failure to report under the ethics law is a crime, that can be punished by jail time. Even if Taft doesn't go to jail, if the evidence continues to show that he violated the law, he should resign immediately, and not cause the GOP further embarrassment.


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