Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Del is a musical genius

As I pointed out in my post yesterday on the situation with Mike Bub leaving The Del McCoury Band, Del is going to release a new album on July 12th. As usual, Del and Company manage to make even the best other bands look like bad motel lounge singers and players, and that includes people I seriously admire.

I have come to the conclusion that Del does not sing bluegrass or country, or even rockabilly, rock, or blues. What Del sings comes from another dimension, it is its own thing in the musical is a musical style that can only be called DEL, or Delsic, or Delgrass, or Del something. In the grand scheme of music, there is Del, and then there is everything else, by which Del is the measuring stick. If something can even be remotely compared to Del, it must be good. If someone can say "this person sounds like Del," or "that person plays like Del," then that individual needs a seven-figure recording contract. Bakersville, North Carolina should be designated as a National Historic Site and a World Heritage Site because Delano Floyd McCoury was born there. Bakersville should be proud to have propagated the greatest musical genius that ever walked the face of the Earth. York, Pennsylvania should be able to mark the streets where Del walked when he lived there. They should have the main street through town re-named McCoury Avenue. President Bush should declare Del Day a national holiday, because our nation has yet to produce a musician of equal calibre. Del and the Band should be the featured as the primary act on New Year's Rockin' Eve, which should be moved from culturally inferior New York to Nashville, and would be hosted by Ricky Skaggs, Ralph Stanley, and Marty Stuart.

Del would be invited to play at the next inauguration, which would be a post-parade whiskey and chops barbecue on the White House lawn sans Andrew Jackson. Del would then be enshrined in the Smithsonian Institution for his "priceless and invaluable contribution to American music and culture."

Hey, I can live my fantasy in my head, can't I?

Del's latest album is The Company We Keep, and if you click on this link, you can be taken to musical heaven courtesy of McCoury Music and CMT.

Del McCoury: American Genius



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