Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thoughts from a conservative columnist on Benedict XVI

In parousing online Blogistan today, I found a new blog managed by Cincinnatian Michael S. Rose on His Holiness Benedict XVI. A link to Rose's new blog will appear on my "Links" sidebar here at the World momentarily. Rose is the author of Goodbye Good Men, a controversial book on how liberals have attempted to infiltrate the Catholic priesthood in America. The book went to press just as the clerical sex-abuse scandal was breaking in 2002. Like me, Mr. Rose is not only obedient to our new Pontiff, but he's also a big fan of Benedict's pre-Pontifical work.

While exploring Michael Rose's new blog, I found something of interest written by another local boy, Peter Bronson of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Bronson isn't even Catholic, but he says there are five good reasons to love our new Pope. Needless to say, I generally agree with Bronson's reasoning.


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