Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax tyranny

The Democratic Party likes to fashion itself as the champion of the little man as opposed to the privileged. Those of us who have had any experience with real life know that this is a lie, of course, but I have had firsthand experience with it this year.

My wife and I received a tax refund from our federal taxes, as well as from our state income taxes. So where will the money from those returns go? That money will be used to pay our taxes owed to the City of Cincinnati. This city was once a Republican stronghold, but because of the outmoded and outdated uniate election system in this town, a system where all City Council members are elected at-large and there is no ward or district representation, you might have four or five members of council from the same or similar neighborhoods. In Cincinnati's case, what you end up with is an inordinate number of Democrats that in no way represent the diverse political viewpoints of the city. In fact, Council is loaded with members from Bond Hill, the Price Hill area, and the West End. My neighborhood doesn't have a member on City Council. Literally, I am not being represented. The NAACP is well represented, with Charterite hate-monger Christopher Smitherman's well publicized rants against the police and against the proper application of the law. Vice-Mayor Alicia Reese and Councilwoman Laketa Cole might as well be the official representatives of Jesse Jackson. However, when I can't get a decent bus ride in this town because not enough city busses are equipped with chair lifts, I have no voice. That's alright, in the world of liberals, their interest groups may have a voice, but the real little people, law-abiding Americans, we must be deprived of one.

The liberals like to complain about how everyone is moving out of the city, and they've even made up a racist term for it, they call it "White Flight." Well, perhaps the high rate of taxation might have something to do with why it is that so many people aren't staying in town. When my entire federal tax refund must then be used to pay the city what they say I owe them (and what, in reality, they are stealing), do you suppose that might change my perspective on living in this city? I wonder if the fact that, in order to own a home in Cincinnati, I would have to pay an extraordinarily high city property tax (to support a public school system that is a consistent failure), as well as the highest county property taxes in the State of Ohio just might cause my happiness in Cincinnati to be disturbed? I wonder if giving such a large chunk of our family income (and we don't have much to give) might induce us to get out of Dodge? You think so?

Nicole and I have decided that we simply cannot afford to live in Cincinnati permanently. We can't afford the cost of buying a home here and settling down to raise a family. The property and income taxes together might bankrupt us, considering that we went into debt to finish our college education, and now must repay that debt. We'll be just fine...We might even be able to buy a home, but not in Cincinnati.

It is a shame, really. This is a great city, with a lot of potential and a lot of good people. Cincinnati is a wonderful place if you like towns that are historic, culturally Catholic, and have good chili spaghetti. It has a wonderful baseball heritage, and, despite the deficiencies in the transit system, at least it has one. The people of this town, however, deserve better than what they are getting. They do not deserve to have their livelihoods stripped away by the corrupt people downtown who purport to be governing them. However, the old adage holds true here: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. People in this city have clamored for reform for years, but they refuse to take the concrete steps that must be taken if reform of city government is to be brought about. If city government is ever to work in this town, City Council must be a representative body by neighborhood. Most importantly, however, if the Over-the-Rhine crime wave is going to be stopped before it reaches the entire city, people who are productive must be kept in town. What that means, simply, is that this city must CUT TAXES, CUT TAXES, and CUT TAXES!

The tax-cutters will have one less proponent, though. I'll be taking my family and moving as soon as we can afford it. I can't afford to stay and pay the taxes anymore.


At Friday, April 15, 2005 9:51:00 PM, Blogger Matt Daley said...


I applaud your post from today and wish more people would stand up and shout about this matter.

Unfortunately, our "friends" on the left (and I use that term extremely loosely) would rather gather forces to further drive the great city of Cincinnati towards the Socialist haven that they all desire.

Of course, these Marxist wanna-bes don't want true representative government in Cincinnati, either, because they know exactly what that would mean.

And believe me...if fellow liberals in other cities across America thought that this would fly there, too, they'd try it in a heartbeat.

Allowing non-representative government on the city-wide level is the first step in a long battle of indoctrination with the ultimate goal of destroying the true democracy that we have today in the United States.

Get the folks used to it for long enough...and they won't remember what representative government is like.

God help us all.


At Saturday, April 16, 2005 12:59:00 AM, Anonymous Adam Graham said...

STV would be a good reform for Cincinatti, I'd think. Too often the vote gets splits up. Plus in general muncipal elections tend not to get voted in as much as State elections, so people who care need to really take a stand.

I had to leave Montana for similar reasons. On top of federal capital gains taxes, Montana has an 11% tax, which inhibits economic growth. With paralegal training and 2 years of college, the best I could do is an $8.00 an hour job as a tech. support agent. Government is stupid that way. Drives young people away with dumb tax policies.

At Monday, April 18, 2005 12:09:00 PM, Blogger Matt Daley said...

Well, see, that's what the Democrats want.

The Democrats don't want you or I or anyone else to move up in class. The more we earn, the less we need to rely on government. The less we need to rely on government, the less control that the powers-that-be have over our lives.

It's a vicious cycle. We're taxed to pay for services that we wouldn't need if we weren't taxed to the poor house.

Unfortunately, in many areas of our country, that's exactly what's happening...people are getting taxed straight to the poor house.


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