Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Russia could never be trusted

I have said many times that something was to be said for the Cold War era, because in those days it was very clear who America's enemy was, and it was easy to prepare our forces to fight that enemy, even if the fight itself would be an apocalyptic one.

Russian President Vladimir Putin may be yearning to return to that age in a political sense. Over the weekend, he told the Russian Parliament that "the collapse of the Soviet Union was the worst geopolitical catastrophe in the last 100 years." In addition, Putin has begun to jail those opposed to him on trumped-up charges. Doubtless, he'll try them before kangaroo courts. Putin apparently longs to relive the Soviet era. This longing for a return to the Soviet Union would explain his attempt to rig the election in Ukraine and oppose admittance to NATO of former Soviet Republics.

I have no emnity against the Russian people, however I have long believed that the Russian state could not be trusted. Any of us who grew up during any part of the era of conflict with the Soviet Union know that our country had to endure 50 years of Russian/Soviet lies and deceit. It would not surprise me if the so-called Great Reform has been a big lie as well. Just when we thought the world had changed, perhaps our old enemy was never dead to begin with.


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