Sunday, March 16, 2008


I realize that I am one of the last to post about this, but I just learned of the sad news last night that A.C. Kleinheider was dismissed from his position at WKRN in Nashville as the newsroom's regular blogger, and publisher of the station's political blog Volunteer Voters. It is, as others have said and I will say here, a terrible loss for the political blogosphere in Tennessee. Largely because of Kleinheider's dilligence, the work of bloggers who were keen to bring attention to elements of State and federal politics not being fully covered by the mainstream press was given much greater exposure.

For many of us (and no small number of people on the Nashville Hill), we made ACK a part of our daily routine. I was able to be informed about Middle and West Tennessee politics in a way that I previously was not, largely because the East Tennessee press does not cover them. I discovered a host of bloggers from around the State and became turned on to their work because of Kleinheider-and many of these are people with whom I very often passionately disagree.

A.C. Kleinheider is a great writer, a passionate blogger, and as a person he is a class act. It is my sincere hope that he will remain in Tennessee and that he will resume blogging independently-the loss of his talents to the rest of us in the political blogosphere would be immeasurable.

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