Friday, March 14, 2008

Big surprise: Ragsdale's committee sticks up for Ragsdale

Members of the Knox County Ethics Committee, a body largely assembled by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, have declared it "unethical" that County Commissioner Paul Pinkston secretly taped a conversation that he had with Ragsdale:

"That's unethical behavior, and that would cause me some concern," Frank Shanklin Sr. said. "It looks to me like that's politically motivated.

Of course it is politically motivated-Mike Ragsdale has done underhanded things to people all the time that are entirely political and the News-Sentinel seems to have thought Ragsdale's actions were fine and dandy. Paul Pinkston seems to have come to the conclusion that many of us who are well-informed have come to-that Ragsdale is untrustworthy and has no conscientious trouble lying through his teeth to your face and doing something different behind your back.

If I were in a closed-door situation with Ragsdale or someone like him, I would have no trouble believing that he might try to double-cross me. I would have done exactly what Paul Pinkston did, and I have no ethical problem with it whatsoever. Mike Ragsdale is the kind of political figure that is unsafe and that you need insurance from and if that insurance is a tape, so be it.

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At Friday, March 14, 2008 5:03:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

David, I agree with you 100%. Ragsdale has such a pattern of saying one thing and doing another. I don't blame anyone that has dealing with him for taping their conversation.

I just hope we don't have two more years of him. Every since he been in office, our government stinks.

County government was a lot better before he brought in such a large staff to redo everything and now codes, animal control and environment are useless and our taxes are wasted for who knows what and we get no services. He TRIES to blame county commission for all his mistakes.


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