Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rule of Law

The affair over the Campfield Amendment is now no longer about State funding to Planned Parenthood, but about the rule of law and whether we hold to that rule in Tennessee:

The reader may say "now Oatney, why are you beating a dead horse, aren't you happy that Speaker Harwell and Lieutenant Governor Ramsey are going to help push permanent legislation to de-fund Planned Parenthood next year." While that is truly wonderful news from a conservative perspective, what is at stake now is no longer the issue Planned Parenthood's State funding. If legislation can be changed after it is passed to alter it's legislative intent on any issue, the very rule of law itself is in jeopardy. The system of trust that our legislators rely on, through their colleagues and legislative staff, wherein the intent of our legislative bodies will be trusted to be reflected in the final drafts of amended bills of any kind might be said to have broken down in a very public way. The entire affair surrounding the Campfield amendment raises questions about whether the actions of our General Assembly can be invalidated by a select few based on their own legal opinions, not based on the intent of the Legislature in which they serve.

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