Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Devil's Work

Some unnamed legislator has taken it upon themselves to change the wording of an important budget amendment, and thereby fund Planned Barrenhood:

We now know that the lawyer who made the change in the budget wording was House legal counsel Doug Heim, and Heim isn't saying who ordered him to make the change because he is citing "attorney-client privilege." The General Assembly is a public body made up of officials elected by the people of this State, and one of them ordered a major change to be made in the wording of a budget amendment, and now they want to hide under the cover of attorney-client privilege? The lawyer who would use such logic is, at best, abusing the priciple of privilege, since legislative attorneys represent all members of the body, not merely one, and other members have the right to know who is making changes to public documents. The legislator who would use the cover of legal privilege to avoid the public wrath is the worst form of coward, and has no place whatsoever in the public square. It is to be remembered that Richard Nixon, after all, attempted to hide under the cover of legal privilege during Watergate.

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