Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Fighting 106th

The end may be in sight for the 106th General Assembly:

What I suspect happened was a shakedown to political reality for both men. Nearly everyone who understands the present East Tennessee political dynamic believes that Kent Williams stands a good chance of being re-elected in Carter County. However, even those who support building a fish hatchery on the Watauga River (of which I would count myself as one) acknowledge that the hatchery is not something that is so pressing that the government of this State must risk being shut down by the first of next month if it stymies budget agreement, neither is the fish hatchery something that can't wait until next year.

Just because both Houses seem to have come to an oral agreement doesn't mean that the Legislature is ready to adjourn sine die. Both the House and the Senate have yet to formally agree on the final budget and pass conference committee reports on a myriad of issues. Several Hill sources have said that it is expected that today will not be the last day the General Assembly will convene, and that the final budget and bills behind the budget may not be heard and passed by both Houses until Friday and/or Saturday. However, as will everything near the end of a legislative session, all of that is subject to change.

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