Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The New Pork

The General Asseembly is being held up from passing a budget because of a $16 million dollar pet project of the Speaker of the House:

"The problem with [the fish hatchery project] is that it is being used as a
political football in a year when we can't afford that," said Rep. Stacey
Campfield (R-Knoxville). "We have members who have pledged to hold the line on
spending, but many of these same people are saying that 'if Kent (Williams) gets
his, I want mine.'"

One promenent House member said "if that fish hatchery becomes a part of
the joint budget proposal, we'll be here for some time yet because people will
want to light up the budget like a Christmas tree."During last night's session,
there was even a debate over the adjournment motion during which Rep. Harry
Brooks (R-Knoxville) pointed out that the House could complete a budget this
week "if we commit to stay here until it is done." It is widely believed that
Kent Williams is trying to hold out on the budget in order to get the hatchery
proposal included, while those who are satisfied with the Senate budget proposal
are among those willing to hold fort at the Capitol until the House comes to an

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