Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What the Results Say

Voters speak in a surprising "diss" to the local establishment:

I had expected that the popular State Senator was going to win, and deservedly so because of how hard he had campaigned. However, this result was almost cruel to Tim Hutchison, who had served so long as Knox County Sheriff and not terribly long ago enjoyed popularity ratings that made him one of the most popular Sheriffs in the State and certainly one of the most well-liked in Knox County's recent history. Black Wednesday sullied Hutchison's reputation, perhaps permanently, and it may be that after such a landslide defeat that Hutchison's career in elected office is effectively at a close.
The Republican Primary was going to decide the county mayor's race, Jefferson Countians knew this. One of the things that I knew was that County Mayor Alan Palmieri was very beatable, but only if he had one opponent. A three-man race benefits Palmieri because he has formed a stable base that will stay with him. Both Daryl Brady and Bob Cavanah ran good-to-great campaigns, but to win both needed not only to have good early voting numbers, but a high turnout on Election Day itself, and in areas of the county where they are known to be strong-and the latter did not manifest itself.

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