Friday, April 30, 2010

Rogersville Review

Nicole and I were in Rogersville tonight working the mashed potato (or in this case, the spaghetti and roast beef) circuit:

There wasn't a Republican candidate in Hawkins County who wasn't there, so when trying to mill about the room and promote my candidacy I was competing with the many other candidates who were present (I've also never seen such interest before in a race for county road commissioner). My opponent also made it to the event earlier than I did so he had his cards on all tables-I had to mill through the crowd. I did, however, get to encounter more voters this way-and got to talk directly to many of them, including a few Hawkins County Commissioners. Of course you hope that nice hellos and pleasant political exchanges translate into votes. One person I did get to say hello to was former Congressman Bill Jenkins, who was as gracious as ever.

Angie Gibson-Herrell and her husband Michael and I talked for a good ten minutes. She is as lovely, gracious, and intelligent in person as she often appears to be on the internet, and Michael is running for Hawkins County School Board in the 7th District. If anyone can be relied on to support you when they promise to, I know that Angie and Michael will-I appreciate them and all of the wonderful folks in Hawkins County willing to take a chance with me on the Republican State Executive Committee.

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