Friday, May 14, 2010

Using Good Judgment in the Exercise of One's Rights

Yesterday's incident on the Tennessee House floor where House Speaker Kent Williams collapsed should remind us of the responsibility which comes with the right of a free press:

It shouldn't surprise anyone that as a blogger/political columnist I believe in a nearly unfettered free press. Further, I do not hold to the notion that a "free press" is limited to the established news media. All citizens have a right to the free press, and in our day and age that includes the internet-any citizen has the ability today to cover the news and, most importantly, to express opinions on that news. As someone who covers the General Assembly for The Examiner as part of my own blogging and writing activities, I believe Eric Schelzig had a right to be there and to photograph the proceedings of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Eric Schelzig is very good at what he does, but it might suit him-and all of us-to reflect on using our right to freedom of the press with both discretion and dignity.

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