Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Would You Cut?

Republicans need to be asking Tennessee Democrats what they would cut from the budget in these fiscally trying times:

Perhaps our friends in the party opposite are living on some different planet where the State economy is booming, employment figures look as though this were the mid-1990's, and tax receipts are through the roof. The reality of course, is that fewer Tennesseans have the resources to spend extra and so tax collections will be down for the foreseeable future, and State government has to plan accordingly. As a result, the question facing legislators dealing with this year's budget will not be "will there be serious cuts to State spending" but "where will the cuts in State spending come from." Rather than step up to the plate and accept the budget situation we are dealing with, Tennessee Democrats blather on about Republicans "hurting teachers and State employees," the latter being quite important since Democratic Leadership (though not all Democrats in Tennessee) worship at the altar of the state, and serve the Creator Government, who is blessed forever, Amen.

Rather than telling the Democrats that their present set of arguments are faulty (those who have an awareness of the present world financial situation, something that may be admittedly lacking among Tennessee's Democratic Party Leadership, already know that), why not call their bluff? If the Republican proposal is so terrible and hurts so many, let us ask the Democrats the obvious question:

What would you cut?

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