Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bredesen May Leave Education Legacy

If Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen wants a real legacy, this could be it:

Bredesen was also clear that we need good teachers, and that he would rather see a good teacher with a blackboard and chalk than a mediocre one with the best technology available to them-something conservatives have been saying for years. Bredesen has also said that he intends to bring the teachers' union, the Tennessee Education Association, on board and from the tone of his remarks he intends to do that "by hook or by crook." A deal was struck between the TEA and Democratic lawmakers and the Governor in order to insure the TEA's cooperation.

What really matters for Tennessee's children and the future of our education system is not the federal money this could bring to our schools and our State, but that whether Tennessee wins the Race to the Top competition or not, the beginnings of an education system which encourages excellence could have their genesis in the General Assembly this week.

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