Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comment On the Coaching Trash...

Some people think our legislators wasted time in public comment on the Lane Kiffin situation-but they needed to comment:

A lot of people will wonder why our legislators would spend time on something so trivial as the departure of a backstabbing, two-timing so-called coach in the midst of a special session about education reform. Firstly, citizens should know that annual resolutions to honor Tennessee's major sports coaches are a longstanding tradition in the General Assembly, and such is the custom in many States. Since the University of Tennessee is not only a State-funded public institution but is our State's flagship university, our legislators have every right to publicly comment on the doings of its Athletic Department-especially in a situation such as what has occurred with the Lane Kiffin debacle.

Kiffin came to Tennessee with high hopes, and he infused everyone-including, I'm sure, those in the Legislature-with the notion that he was all about returning Tennessee to football glory. The sportswriter and former radio commentator in me should point out that in bringing his father Monty to Tennessee, along with recruiting guru Ed Orgoron, Kiffin seemed to be signalling to Tennesseans that he was very serious in his commitment both to the university, and more importantly, to the State. Let's be honest, however-Kiffin never quite got on well here from the first day.

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