Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Republican State House Majority-Again

Now that it is official and Pat Marsh and the Republicans made the Democrats eat humble pie in District 62 (shocking me, I assure you), who are the real winners and losers from yesterdays special election?:

The first and most important victor was Tennessee State Republican Chairman Chris Devaney. Devaney has now proven that he can be a serious player in the rough-and-tumble world of State-level politics, and will likely silence critics who had expressed concern that his Washington experience made him less likely to care about Republican control of the Tennessee Legislature.

The biggest loser has to be House Democratic Leader Gary Odom, who had predicted victory for Ty Cobb saying that he believed "the climate will be more friendly to Democrats" by this fall. The other great defeat was handed to Tennessee Democratic Chairman Chip Forrester, a militant Obama liberal whose days at the head of the party of Andrew Jackson and Isham Green Harris are now very likely numbered.
We are a long way from November 2010, but next year has the potential to be very enjoyable and have a very red tint indeed.

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