Friday, September 25, 2009

Voting Only Good in Memphis for Certain People

Democrats are in favor of extending the franchise to as many people as possible-unless those people might vote for a Republican:

Democrats accuse Republicans of sabotaging "democracy" when the GOP demand clarification of voter eligibility and attempt to purge the rolls of the dead or those who do not live in the precinct where their name appears. Certain Memphis Democrats would simply deny an entire district the franchise if it is clear that they will lose the election. This is Memphis, after all, where the dead regularly cast ballots and Tennessee voting rights are often extended to those who live in Arkansas. When Republicans attempt to do something about these improprieties, they are almost always accused of voter suppression.

Of course, the message of Memphis Democrats seems to be "different standards apply to everyone but us."

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At Saturday, September 26, 2009 10:22:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sir, are a god-dammed liar. On top of that, you are a shitty journalist. You make the allegation in your article that there were "60,000 illegal voters" purged from Memphis voter rolls. First off, just because there were 60,000 voters purged from the rolls, that doesn't mean they were "illegal voters" or that any votes had ever been cast by these people (if you are going to make these allegations - please show your work). A "competent" journalist (no, you are not one) would have pointed out that voter lists are purged all the time - not only people who have passed on, but primarily, people who have not voted in several successive elections. Neither one of these are "illegal voters". I'll give you a hint - it's only an "illegal vote" if they actually try to vote.

Like every other Republican I know, you are either too intellectually challenged to understand these things or you are so addicted to lying that it just becomes your first option in any argument.

I've asked you before - name one proven incident where Democrats in Tennessee have engaged in voter fraud. You can't make up another one of your lies and pass this test. Don't cite to the actual case of the West Tennessee Republican woman that was indicted for voter fraud and blame it on the Democrats, find an actual case and report on it. Until then, I'll continue to point out that you are the biggest fucking liar (and idiot) in the Tennessee blogosphere.


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