Monday, September 21, 2009

There Is A Time To Speak...

On Friday I discussed why Tennessee Right to Life would endorse a Democrat in the District 62 Tennessee House Race by explaining the realities of pro-life politics. Today I use those same realities to explain why it may have been a good idea not to make a public endorsement in that race:

Votes this past session have shown the electorate that half of the Democratic Caucus is pro-life (or inclined to vote that way), but the Democratic Leadership has known that all along, which is why they did everything in their power to keep pro-life legislation from reaching the floor when they were in control of the House. There is little reason to believe they would not do so again. Would a Democratic House majority serve the interests of the pro-live movement in Tennessee? If history is any indication, the answer is very likely not. If the Republicans had more substantial numbers in the House, the District 62 special election would not carry with it the element of control that it does, and wouldn't be as big of a political deal as it is.

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