Thursday, April 09, 2009

Did Rags Run Around At Public Expense?

Readers may recall that The World reported last year that Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale may have had an extramarital affair (which ultimately led to his divorce from his wife Claudia) with former Director of the Office of Neighborhoods Allison Wagley or with one of her staffers, and that taxpayers may have picked up the tab for some of the expenses related to the Ragsdale love triangle.

A reliable source has approached The World with information that Ragsdale may have had or is having multiple relationships with several ladyfriends. In the coming days, some digging and investigating will be in order so that these stories may be corroborated or dismissed, but most importantly to find out if the alleged trists were carried on at cost to taxpayers. Stay tuned here for a more full report.



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